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This chapter will outline the user configurable SETTINGS in KipwareXC.



The first option is to set the default filepath for Profile files. If you store your pre-defined Profiles in a central location, you can use this setting to reduce the amount of browsing required to load and set the Profile to use during a conversion.

Users can set a pre-defined, default Main Profile that will be auto-loaded at the time the software starts. In addition, a default Secondary Profile can also be set to auto-load at start up if required

If you store files that are to be converted in a central location, you can set that location to reduce the amount of browsing required using the default filepath for program to be converted field.

When G code programs are re-sequenced in the Editor, the starting N number and N number increment settings set here are used.

Many letter addresses are assumed not to be formatted in either inch or metric format. For example, an S spindle speed is neither inch nor metric, and is not included by default when performing an inch to metric or metric to inch conversion in the Editor. The settings that appear here allow the user to override the source code defaults and set up otherwise skipped letter addresses to be included in inch metric conversions.

Depending on the available monitor resolution, the user can select to use the standard or enhanced editor window. The standard Editor requires a monitor resolution of at least 1020 by 700 and the Enhanced editor requires a resolution of 1360 by 770.

If configured here, any files saved through the Editor will contain the three digit file extension entered in the field here.





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