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Welcome to the KipwareQTE® Video Training Catalog

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KipwareQTE Databases Outlined

This video will outline and expolre the various databases available for KipwareQTE®.



This video explains in-depth the user defined Settings, Quotation Settings and Owner Contact Information available in KipwareQTE®


KipwareQTE® Estimate Information Screen Outline

This video outlines the initial estimate information screen including an explanation of the scrap percentage inputs.


KipwareQTE® MATERIAL Costing Menu Outline

This video will outline the material cost estimating menu in KipwareQTE®.


KipwareQTE® Perishable Tooling Costing Menu Outline

This video will outline the costing menu for perishable tooling in KipwareQTE®.


KipwareQTE® Labor Cost Menu Outline

This video will illustrate importing a cycletime estimate form KipwareCYC® as well as manually entering machining operations and calculating labor costs.


KipwareQTE® Non-Machining Cost Outline

This video will highlight the non-machining cost area of KipwareQTE® where programming, set-up and non-machining services costs can be entered and calculated.


KipwareQTE® Calculate Cost Screen Outline

This video will illustrate the Calculate Cost screen and it's features.


KipwareQTE® Quotation Creation

This video outlines how to finalize and prepare a formal quotation in KipwareQTE®.


KipwareQTE® Order Processing Options Outlined

This video will illustrate the various Order Processing reports and options available in KipwareQTE®


KipwareQTE Sample Estimate Video

This video follows the steps to create an estimate and quotation for a sample part.




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