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Welcome to the KipwareTRK® Video Training Catalog

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KipwareTRK® Introduction

This video will provide a brief general outline of KipwareTRK®.



This video outlines the first setp in setting up KipwareTRK®, loadin the main criteria through the SETTINGS page



This video illustrates how to enter the sub-criteria for each main criteria through the criteria database.


Saving Records from KipwareQTE®

This video illustrates how records can be added directly to the KipwareTRK® database from within through KipwareQTE®.


Adding, Editing and Deleting Records

This video will illustrate how to add, edit or delete records from the KipwareTRK® database.


Filtering Records

This video will illustrate how to use the FILTER feature to filter records shown in the viewport.


Graphing Records

This video will illustrate how to use the GRAPH function to analyze information in the records.






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