Machining Cycletime Estimating Software

Inaccurate Cycletimes = Lost Profits

Inaccurate machining cycletimes lead to inaccurate quoting … which fills your shop with unprofitable work … tying up machinery and personnel … ruining the ability to bring in profitable work. It is a vicious cycle that keeps repeating itself in a downward spiral of lost profits.

KipwareCYC® machining cycletime estimating software can STOP the losses and insure accurate cost estimating.

The KEY to Accurate Cycletimes?

There is NO substitute. The KEY to accurate machining cycletimes is to insure the machining process and cutting parameters used in the estimate ACCURATELY reflect what happens on YOUR SHOP FLOOR. “Book knowledge” and “user data”is useless if it doesn’t reflect what happens on YOUR shop floor.

The real world design of KipwareCYC® machine cycletime estimating software insures estimated times are YOUR times.

Feature Recognition = Faster Inaccurate Estimates

Estimating software with “feature recognition” technology dictates the process and parameters for manufacturing. If they don’t match your shops process and parameters … it will result in faster, unrealistic quotes with MORE lost profits.

KipwareCYC® machining cycletime estimating software allows your inner machinist and machining knowledge to guide the process with YOUR shops speeds and feeds and machines.

How Does KipwareCYC® Work?
  • The KEY to accurate cycletime estimating is to ensure that everything that happens in the estimate … speeds, feeds, cutting conditions … reflects what will happen on YOUR shop floor. This is the PRIMARY design of KipwareCYC®.
  • Databases are provided and can be easily re-configured for YOUR machines and YOUR cutting parameters.
  • Proven databases designed around YOUR shop floor enu=sure CONSISTENCY and ACCURACY across all your estimates and all your customers.
  • No CAD drawing or solid model is required to estimate with KipwareCYC®. CAD models are often withheld or not drawn correctly or to scale. KipwareCYC® gives users the ability to use print dimensions … ensuring accuracy.
  • The included conversatinal CUT LENGTH CALCULATOR ensures that your estimates are calculated using length of cut … the most accurate way to determine how long the cutter is engaged in the cut.
  • The included RUN TIME CALCULATOR quickly provides an overview of machining time required for the production run based on your actual cutting parameters, machine parameters and hours worked.
  • With the included MULTI PART CALCULATOR users can easily decide if it’s worth building a fixture, using a 4th axis, or using a multi-spindle turning center.
  • ROUTING SHEETS can be output quickly so shop floor personnel have a road map to follow that includes speeds, feeds and all  times from the estimate. Another example of ensuring estimate parameters match shop floor parameters. Feedback from the shop floor can be used to adjust the KipwareCYC® parameters so the more your use KipwareCYC®, the more accurate it becomes.

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Are YOU a member of the Million Dollar Club ??

Follow along as we create a cycletime estimate using KipwareCYC® for our sample workpiece. You can download the part print HERE.

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