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stop the cad/cam overkill !!

NOT every workpiece requires a complex and expensive CAD/CAM system … nor a CAD/CAM programmer.

CAD/CAM was originally created for complex aircraft programming and is a DESIGN tool first and foremost. It was NEVER designed to be a PRIMARY G code generating tool.

If you are not designing … DUMP the CAD … KEEP the CAM with Kipware® conversational for CNC programming.

Why Shop Floor programming?

95% of machine shops around the world spend every day in the creation of G code for everyday workpieces … not airfoils and dies.

The Kipware® conversational CAM approach allows novice programmers as well as experts to quickly and easily create G code CNC programs faster than any CAD/CAM program … without the need for a CAD drawing nor CAD/CAM experience. And … the real world development of Kipware® conversational has taken the programming of complex shapes, using the conversational approach, to new, higher levels.

Conversational programming does not require ANY G code experience … just answer the questions. Anyone can create professional G code programs using the fill-in-the-blank forms … no CAD or drawing experience required.

Kipware® is DIFFERENT

Kipware® software uses simple fill-in-the-blank forms to create powerful G code / CNC programs that include “best programming practice” outputs like canned cycles, cutter compensation and more.

The forms speak a machinist’s language … with terms and input fields that make sense reflecting our design by real chipmakers and machinists using real world shop floor experiences.

No past CNC programming experience nor G code experience is required. Beginner programmers never have to even see the G code … or dig deep into the G code if you are an experienced programmer.

With Kipware® conversational users do not need to know Fanuc, Okuma, Haas or any programming language … just answer the questions and Kipware® does the rest.

Kipware® and SHOP FLOOR Programming
  • Easy to install … receive a download and get programming within (1) hour on normal business days and within (12) hours on off days.
  • Lifetime purchase … with no maintenance fees … and (2) seats standard !!
  • NO Drawing Experience Required … pick a menu, fill-in-the-blanks to describe the shape, generate automatic speeds and feeds with the wizard, click create program … BANG … G code.
  • Professional G Code … any user can create professional G code employing “best programming practices” including canned cycles … cutter compensation … ramping … chamfering … all done automatically by Kipware® conversational.
  • Create Programs with Multiple Operations … unlike simplistic wizards, Kipware® creates real world programs with multiple operations and multiple tools to machine workpieces completely.
  • Complex Shape Programming … Kipware® goes beyond just conversational with the included SketchPad that can import a DXF file and generate a toolpath quickly and easily.
  • Supplement, Compliment or Replace any CAD/CAM system by adding Kipware® conversational for quicker, easier everyday type programming. Kipware® = everyday programming … CAD/CAM = complex programming.
  • Conversational Live Tool & Y Axis Programming… because we are innovators and pioneers. Kipware® brings conversational multi-axis programming to the market with our groundbreaking Live Tool and Y Axis programming options for KipwareT®.
  • The ULTIMATE in Portability … Many machine tool builders have embraced conversational shop floor CNC programming … the problem … CNC controls are NOT PC’s and have limited power … and the conversational CNC programming is locked to the machine. Kipware® conversational CAM uses the full power of the PC and is the ultimate in portability. One purchase gives ALL your shop equipment conversational programming capabilities.
  • NO Special PC Requirements … we built Kipware® to run efficiently on the shop floor with no requirements for outlandish video cards, vast memory or extreme processor speeds. Find minimum requirements HERE.
  • Tons of Real World Companion Programs Included Standard … Kipware® conversational CNC software also comes standard with real world programming tools like our backplotter to view your toolpaths, toolbox software that puts everyday formulas at your fingertips and speed and feed wizard that auto-calculates cutting parameters and auto-inputs that data where required.

Kipware® conversational cuts through the clutter and complexity that CAD/CAM has forced on the market to help users create everday G code programs quickly and easily.

Since 1986, Kentech Inc. has been a leader, innovator and pioneer in PC based conversational CNC programming software combining over 25+ years of professional manufacturing experiences with innovative computer programming skills.

Kipware® conversational is the PREMIER conversational CNC programming software on the market. Our Clients include Fortune 500 companies … Industry Leaders and Pioneers.

kipware® conversational Video gallery

The EASIEST Conversational Live Tool & Y Axis in the Industry !!

KipwareT® contains the EASIEST and FASTEST conversational Live Tool and Y Axis programming options on the market. Using fill-in-the-blank forms users can quickly and easily … without a CAD drawing … create complex milling and drilling programs for indexing C axis and live tools and full C axis / Live Tool / Y Axis.

CONES … TAPERED HOLES … TAPERED Square &  Rectangular BOSS … TAPERED Square & Rectangular POCKET … Horizontal & Vertical TROUGHS … Female BENDING DIES … CURVED SURFACES … BOWLS … RADIUS EDGES … TAPERED RADIUS EDGES … and we’re constantly adding new options based on user requests !!

NEW — Conversational Sub-Spindle Programming NOW Available !!

KipwareT® now offers conversational sub-spindle programming. Create  TRANSFER and CUT-OFF TRANSFER cycles and G code programs all conversationally using simple fill-in-the-blank forms

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