Quotation Tracking and Analyzing Software

you don't really track and analyze
your quoting & estimating process ...
do you?

In today’s economic climate, it’s not enough to simply produce and submit quotes and estimates. Shops need to be able to track their quotations and estimates and analyze how and why jobs are won or lost.

KipwareTRK® will move your company from simply trudging along … to growing !!

why you need to track and analyze

KipwareTRK® software empowers users to take control of their quoting and estimating process and not only improve the process but also insure they are getting the most productive jobs that both make money and best fit their machine shop.

By examining your estimating and quoting process you can set new more achievable goals and develop an improved plan to reach them.

KipwareTRK® will help you answer the questions ...
  • What kind of parts do we quote and win the job for most frequently? … giving focus to the direction for the shop.
  • Which machines in our shop do we most frequently quote? … suggesting what machines to focus on purchasing in the future.
  • What part quantity is most frequently quoted and job won?… suggesting what type of jobs best suite the shop.
  • What material is the most commonly quoted? … do we specialize in machining a particular material?
  • What is the percentage of SUBMITTED and NOT SUBMITTED quotes? … illustrating why work is slipping away.
  • What is the percentage of JOBS AWARDED vs. JOBS LOST? … improve your follow-up process.
  • Why are we losing or winning work? … fix problems before they escalate.

How Does KipwareTRK® Work?
  • Allows set up of up to 16 criteria categories that are specific to your facility.
  • Able to easily and quickly add an unlimited number of criteria to each of these categories.
  • Estimate information is either imported from KipwareQTE® or added via the estimate information screen.
  • KipwareTRK® allows you to review a complete list of all your estimates / quotations and their information in a grid format.
  • KipwareTRK®’s unique Filter Feature allows the user to sort through the estimates using any number of criteria to get a clear picture of what is happening with their quoting and estimating process. Filters include :
  • Customer Names
  • Date Range
  • Types of Parts
  • Work Centers
  • Materials
  • Estimators Names

Users can set-up an UNLIMITED number of user defined criteria and sort and filter estimates based on those criteria’s. Examples might be : Total Estimate Costs … Part Quantities … Estimate Results … Reasons for Results … What type of follow up was done … Delivery time estimated for the job. For example: You may want to know how many estimates for a particular material have been won in the past year. Or how many estimates have been created for a certain price range and of those how many jobs were won. You may want to review which estimator has won the most jobs this year. The combinations are endless. KipwareTRK®’s Graph Feature can be used to demonstrate visually the number of estimates meeting a particular criteria. This allow you to easily make comparisons of the data from either the complete list of estimates or a filtered list.

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