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In an effort to employ the best machine for the job, today’s shop floors are a mix of CNC machine types and CNC controls. With each machine requiring different G code formatting … the inevitable result is “control incompatibility” … a major cause of shop floor bottlenecks and reduced output.

Since 1986 when Raytheon Corporation employed Kentech Inc. to solve their control incompatibility issues … Kentech Inc. has been a leader and pioneer in G code conversion software. Our applications have helped thousands of manufacturers realize SEAMLESS control compatibility.

why g code conversion

There are many reasons why Kipware G code conversion software can help … have you encountered any of these ?

  • You developed a CNC program for one machine only to find out that the machine time was not available … and you couldn’t run the job on the other machine unless you re-program it all over again.
  • You feel trapped into buying new equipment with the same CNC controls as the ones you now own for fear of the “control incompatibility” issue.
  • You are a machine tool salesperson who loses sales because of the “control incompatibility” issue.
  • Your shop is divided and limited because some programmers know one control and some know another control.

STOP the Post Processor MADNESS !!

What’s the PROBLEM with the Post Processor Concept ??

#1 – Post Processor languages are SOOOO complicated … cryptic … and take a computer programming degree to decipher. They are impossible to edit unless you have computer programming experience … or hire an outside source. YET … 98% of CAD/CAM users need to “tweak” their CAD/CAM output. OR WORSE … they need to buy post proce$$or$ for every machine on their shop floor. Of course, that’s how the CAD/CAM companies want it … they make more money.

#2 – Scenario … you created a program, posted it out for your DMG Mori and ran that production run. New run is needed … but the MORI is not available, you need to run it on the Okuma. No problem … re-post it right? Wrong !! Speeds and Feeds were adjusted … chamfers were tweaked … etc. … you lost all of that when you re-posted. If you just converted the proven G code from one format to another … you lost nothing !!

#3 – Changes to the post processor only works for posted files. Working with the G code files allows for mass changes / updates to new G code … old G code … proven G code that you want to move from one machine to another … etc. … opening up a new world of possibilities beyond post processors. And editing posts just locks you deeper into a CAD/CAM system.

KipwareXC® is THE ANSWER …
Innovative & Groundbreaking

#1 – KipwareXC® has a simple, clean interface and user defined conversions are either selected from menus or entered using plain English phrases. With one KipwareXC® purchase, users can create an unlimited number of conversion PROFILES and handle an unlimited number of machine / control conversions for one low price. And every conversion Profile is set-up using the same interface. KipwareXC® is easy to learn and provides unlimited conversions.

#2 – Users can convert proven-on-the-floor G code or newly posted G code from one machine / control to another. And no experience is needed. Just chose a conversion PROFILE… BROWSE for the file to convert … press CONVERT … DONE. All automatically with no human interference and chance for error. Change or update any conversion PROFILE anytime … anywhere … you’re in control.

#3 – Our users have bought / use one post … and use KipwareXC® or CNC XChange to auto convert that standard G code output into output compatible with other machines and controls. And KipwareXC® is independent of the CAD/CAM system … THEY CAN’T TAKE AWAY OUR FREEDOM !! ( cue the Braveheart reference !! ).

KipwareXC® utilizes user defined PROFILES to define the what-to-convert-into-what. Users can create an unlimited number of PROFILES to be used in converting ANY G code program … whether milling, turning or whatever.

KipwareXC® contains tons of powerful built-in conversion options along with pre-configured Profiles that users can combine with their own user-defined conversion options … all in an easy to use and understand “plain english” interface.

This video illustrates the creation of a Profile to convert an Acramatic Macro G code program to Fanuc Custom Macro format.

Editing CAD/CAM’s cryptic post processor language is difficult at least and dangerous at worse. KipwareXC® provides a clean, easy-to-use interface and gives users the ability to work directly with G code files. 

KipwareXC® pulls back the cryptic language curtain to open up a new world of possibilities in CNC programming and editing and brings with it increased efficiency and output.

Who Uses KipwareXC® ?

Shop floors with multiple CNC controls.

Machine Tool Sales Professionals confronted with control incompatibility.

Clients who want to eliminate post processor issues and cost.

Clients who wish to easily convert proven G code programs from an older machine for use on their new machine.

Clients who wish to purchase the machine and equipment that they want … that will best fit their needs .. without worrying about control incompatibility.

What Can You Do With KipwareXC® ?

KipwareXC® is powerful … complete … ground-breaking. Below are some examples of the types of conversions thousands of users around the world are doing every day with KipwareXC®. And since users can create an unlimited number of PROFILES … one KipwareXC® purchase can be used for an unlimited number of G code format conversions !! Below is just a sample … it’s impossible to list all the conversion scenarios available with KipwareXC … and any and all conversions specs are all done at one time during one conversion !!

  • Convert complete G code programs from INCH to METRIC … or METRIC to INCH
  • Convert R (radius commands) to INCREMENTAL or ABSOLUTE I-J-K
  • Convert FULL CIRCLE single line commands into multiple QUADRANT arc commands.
  • Convert lathe X DIAMETER values to X RADIUS values … or REVERSE
  • Perform an unlimited number of simple conversions … M35 to M135 for example.
  • Invert X-Y-Z directions from + to – … or REVERSE.
  • Separate user defined G codes into multiple lines … separate G90/G91 from G00/G01 for example.
  • Use AUTO-OFFSET to add a user defined value to all X-Y or Z moves … scaling.
  • REMOVE decimal points … ADD decimal points … RE-FORMAT decimal points … make old and new machines compatible … enhance posted G code from post processors.
  • INSERT user defined lines or complete contents of files before or after a user lines using a user defined trigger.
  • The KipwareXC® Macro Language also allows for conversions such as …. complete line elimination or substitution by “trigger code” … breaking up single lines into multiple lines … removal of letter address’s and it’s data … adding complete user defined file contents using a “trigger code” . … and soooo much more !!

Since Kentech Inc. is the creator of KipwareXC® … if you require customization to meet your specific conversion requirements … we can do that !! Just contact us for more information.

To help you get the most out of G code conversion, Kentech Inc. offers engineering and consulting services to assist in your G code conversion project. From simple set-up assistance to full conversion services. Click our CONSULTING SERVICES menu in the top menu bar for more.

Since 1986, Kentech Inc. has been a leader, innovator and pioneer in G code conversion software and using those years of experience have built in MANY unique and powerful options creating a G code conversion application unmatched in the industry.

Our Client List includes MANY Fortune 500 companies and Industry Leaders … 

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